Readers club – Loki’s Wolves

lokis wolves As I want to write in that genre I am raiding the library for fantasy books. Here’s the first one I found: “Loki’s Wolves” by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr – this is a first book in “The Blackwell Pages” trilogy.

Judging by the cover I thought this is a standard fantasy, standard storyline, and it really did turned out to be the baseline for fantasy.

  1. writing: well written, it kept my attention and it leads you quite smoothly through the story.
  2. characters: I find that the characters and likable and they might be more developed which will probably happen in the next two books
  3. what I liked: great idea about bringing the Scandinavian folklore tales to life
  4. suitable for children: very much so, I think it matches well its suggested audience

I am not very excited about this book. I think this is a really good baseline book if you are just starting to write: learn to keep the story flow, keep the readers’ attention, character development, etc.