Readers club – Loki’s Wolves

lokis wolves As I want to write in that genre I am raiding the library for fantasy books. Here’s the first one I found: “Loki’s Wolves” by Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr – this is a first book in “The Blackwell Pages” trilogy.

Judging by the cover I thought this is a standard fantasy, standard storyline, and it really did turned out to be the baseline for fantasy.

  1. writing: well written, it kept my attention and it leads you quite smoothly through the story.
  2. characters: I find that the characters and likable and they might be more developed which will probably happen in the next two books
  3. what I liked: great idea about bringing the Scandinavian folklore tales to life
  4. suitable for children: very much so, I think it matches well its suggested audience

I am not very excited about this book. I think this is a really good baseline book if you are just starting to write: learn to keep the story flow, keep the readers’ attention, character development, etc.

Indulgence – readers’ club

I’ve got to admin that books is my weakness. I am that guy who can pick a random book from a shelf and start reading. Reading through the night? – Easy. No matter what kind of book it is I’ll find something interesting to love about it. Oh wait, no, there are some books I don’t want to read. In any case, I have already started writing up my reviews/critique of some of the books that came to my attention: Terry Pratchett’s “Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents”,  Joanne Rowling’s “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. So I’ll start a readers’ club by publishing reviews on books that I’ve read.

Actually, what I like best is not reviews, but analysis of the books – the meaning, what impact they make, what they teach. For instance, the two books mentioned above got my very negative review, while for pure writing technique they get A+ without any doubt. Unfortunately, that only increases the negative effects on the children – the target audience of the books.

If you want my opinion about a book, just drop me a line and I;ll see if I can review it. I am going to take it to the next step and hopefully write something myself in the fantasy genre so anything except Tolkien would be fine. He is too big, but I’ve read him without thinking a long time ago so I’ll have to re-read, and I’ll get to it, but not just at this moment.

harry potterterry pratchett amazing maurice

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