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About Us

Our team unites Grey-Bruce counties. Several focus groups have each their own plan of action and corresponding projects or step stones that all members are working on.

Emergency Preparedness
  • · Dehydrating Course
  • · Growing Microgreens indoors
  • · Communications via radio, etc.
  • · Create workshops to learn needed skills
Health and Nutrition
  • · Provide healthy alternatives to conventional food, medicine and the medical profession
  • · Library
  • · Health advise on demand
  • · Seed Swap, Seed Bank
  • · Educating ourselves; Inpower the People, Matrix Freedom
  • · Asset protection, trusts
  • · Insurance companies
  • · Provide links to educational courses
  • · Education, spread awareness
  • · Work with other individuals and Groups, Councils – deputations and effective follow-up
  • · Mass mailing – flyers
  • · Promote Forum


Save Georgian Bay Polar Dip

I’ve just finished setting up the Save Georgian Bay Polar Dip event. You can sign up as a dipp…

Need help with info cards

I am working on a deck of info cards which would be part of education for both children and adults. …

The parable of the three buddies

Once upon a time there lived three buddies named Jackson, William, and Peter. As teenagers they all …



  1. Deck of Education Cards. See an example here.
    Contact us if you a designer willing to participate.

Sport and wellness

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