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My Way to Diaper Free Approach

I wrote this article when my son was seven months.

It is amusing to think that a year ago I was expecting a baby and worrying about the necessity of using disposable diapers, which creates such a burden to the environment and feels so unnatural. And here I am today, using on average one per week for my seven month old son. And we could of course forget about them at all but it’s pretty cold here in January and I use disposable diapers for outdoor for my peace of mind. But a year ago I have just discovered the possibility of going diaper free.

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Elimination Communication – Natural and Gentle Approach

I first heard about Elimination Communication when I was pregnant and was looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable diapers. This approach is also referred to as Natural Infant Hygiene or simply Diaper free and is well described in Ingrid Bauer’s book Diaper Free The Gentle Wisdom of Natural Infant Hygiene.

My reasons to have my baby diaper free

Initially I wanted to do this because of the impact on the environment of the disposable diapers. I did not want to use non recyclable materials like if there is not enough garbage for our planet to handle. It feels great that I can do at least this for the environment and for the generations to come. But doing the research on this issue I found many other great reasons: saving money on disposable diapers, baby’s comfort, healthy body awareness and many others.
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Educational Game-Lesson: Bigfoot

Green Footprint
Most of the times, environemntally concious people have parents who taught them in childhood to turn off the light, not to throw garbage in the parks and to think of the consequences of their actions on the environment. At the same time, people, whose parents did not bring to their children’s attention the importance of considering the environment, usually are less carefull about their impact on the nature.
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Look at Education System

Our children are our happiness and joy, but also – our future. The knowledge and culture we pass to them will determine the kind of future there will be on Earth. Does today’s Schooling system give our kids everything we want them to know? Is it adequate in preparing them for a happy and fulfilling life, while making this planet a better place?
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Meaford Attractions – Hiking Trails

Bruce Trail in Meaford

Bruce Trail in Meaford

Grey Bruce Area where Meaford is located has a lot to offer to visitors. And beautiful hiking trails are among our favorite attractions. We always take our guests to one of the trails for them to enjoy the peaceful walks in the woods, scenic views and inspired conversations. So if you are in the area, we recommend you put on nice hiking shoes or snowshoes and explore these gorgeous trails:
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Find Your Skill or Hobby

This is a guide to help your choose a skill or a hobby. There is a fine line between art, craft, skills and hobbies and rather than attempting defining these terms I would split these activities in two broad categories: skill required for survival/sustainable life and all other activities people mostly do for interest. Note that some or all of these activities can be made into passion and passion into business/source of income.
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