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About Us

Our Values:


We are devoted to increasing the biodiversity and protecting endangered species. We are also proud members of Seeds of Diversity (People protecting people’s seeds), a Canadian volunteer organization that conserves the biodiversity and traditional knowledge of food crops and garden plants.

Sustainability and resilience:

We see future in localized sustainable communities. On our property we aim to become sustainable and off the grid, then create surplus of produce. We are members of Transition Town Group in Meaford, which works toward the sustainability in the township.

Holistic Education:

We find virtue in re-skilling – building up traditional skills that are required for life in harmony with nature. Re-skilling is for everyone: for children and adults alike. We are members of Beaver Valley Homeschooling Group, which connects parents who homeschool their children to enhance their experience.


Our Goals:

We live on a 3 acre property close to Georgian Bay and the town of Meaford. We would like to create/build/plan a beautiful, sustainable organic garden, which would surplus our need for produce and would be a great spot to host tea parties, gatherings, festivals and summer camps for children. A sustainable and functioning garden incorporates the beneficial insects and animals. This provides an opportunity for beekeeping, chickens and goats. Also, a sustainable household or domain utilizes renewable or green energy and practices.


Our Plans:

There are many great ways of gardening: organic gardening, permaculture, edible forest gardening, raised beds and so on. We would like to incorporate all these techniques to plan our garden, try out different methods, learn and take notes for the others. We are studying the different methods, techniques, and experiences of others right now to develop the final design of our garden.

We are planning to break all the planting and building work into smaller projects, such as Rock Garden next to the house, permaculture veggie bed by Sepp Holtzer and so on. Each of these projects will be organized as Workshops or hands on opportunities for those who are interested to learn new skills, try out new gardening techniques and have some great time outdoors in our garden.


Seeds of Diversity Member               Transition Meaford and Thornbury

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