Happy ending of 2020

2020 had been a breakthrough year, a true end of darkness, here are some positive things that happened:

  1. COVID-19 identical lockdowns in different countries orchestrated from one location had shown that there is a single source of power on the planet that controls all countries. Conspiracies are no longer “theories”.
  2. Depopulation measures are now in the open and have been exposed even in hospitals. We now know that traditional lulling narrative about medicine and government “taking care of us” are lies and when their goal is depopulation it becomes their “care”. People started waking up to the fact that they are the only ones responsible for their own health, not doctors. Learn how to boost your immune system.
  3. USA had been exposed as one of the most brainwashed and totalitarian countries. Trump claimed that elections are fraudulent and now the deep state has to either claim that the president of America is lying or accept the fact of fraud. Either way that means that american democracy is a fake.
  4. Mass-media and social network giants further advanced the exposure by displaying unison action against Donald Trump so no doubts are left: they are also all controlled from a single source. The famous twitter message under Trump’s messages about elections made sure that people know: whatever mass-media and social networks claim is brainwashing for this source of power they are controlled by.
  5. Harsh depopulation measures had united people across the globe and people’s united action showed that the deep state can be defeated.
  6. Lockdowns had stopped the ever increasing spree of over-consumption, with no way to consume, with nowhere to go people started turning from materialistic view to spiritual values such as love, compassion, family.
  7. With lockdowns lasting long enough and exposure of flaws of current political system people started thinking about fair future thus collectively co-creating instead of their normal preoccupation with daily routine.
  8. Family sustainability, conspiracy, mind control have become regular discussion subjects. People are moving out of the cities thus reversing the unhealthy urbanization and becoming sustainable choosing life with less consumption, less garbage, more health, creation and sustainability. Depopulation is only needed to keep the over-consumption levels of the few richest people. New lifestyle will help sustain the current population.
  9. Some serious blows have been dealt to the deep state:
    1. they have been exposed as explained earlier
    2. most supply lines of children for them had been stopped
    3. some of them had been sent to prison, some “committed suicide”
    4. their world central power plan had been stopped with countries building their independence again
    5. some demilitarization occurs with many failed “orange revolutions”
  10. Disagreements within elites have been working to people’s advantage making all sides weaker.

Many truths had been uncovered this year. Sometimes the waking up process is painful because we are not used to taking care of ourselves and we are so used to depending on government. However, the current situation creates the perfect opportunity to reconsider your goals and values, build a strong family, become healthier and become sustainable. Use it wisely.

How to stop spreading hatred

This article is dedicated to Anne Finlay-Stewart who is an editor of a local newspaper, beautiful and well-meaning person whose about every 10th post happens to be a hatred-post that is directed against one or another group of people thus polarizing people into two opposing groups. Anne, this is not personal, but let me know if you don’t want your name in here and I’ll remove it.

The Money Masters polarize people into “left” and “right”, “confederates” or “republicans” and “democrats”, “black” and “white”, polarize by race, religion, social class. The technique is old, simple but nonetheless still effective:

  1. they first remove and hide important information without which people can’t agree on a particular subject matter.
  2. they create two seemingly opposite groups of people.
  3. they pump up hatred by spreading hatred posts in social media and hatred news in mass media.
  4. just before the start hatred posts start to depict the “opposite” group as inhuman, less than human to remove mental blocks to kill.
  5. when the time comes to remove a certain politician or to gain control of a natural resource or country they unleash the hatred and direct two groups of people against each other and use their hands to meet their current needs. Usually some sort of provocation is used for example snipers kill some people on both sides of the conflict or some sort of brutality is committed by Money Masters which they blame one of the groups for.

On politics. Say no to #comicpolitics

corporatocracyDon’t get too serious when talking about politics. Don’t get emotional. Don’t get excited. It’s all a big show and what they want is you getting excited. If they can get you to get excited in one way and somebody else in another way and then clash you together – that’s even better because that causes even more excitement. The more emotions – the better. Think of media as of suckers or vampires that feed on your emotions.


How do you explain to a 60-year old man that USA isn’t bombing for democracy, that countries in general do not spend money on something that does not give them profit? There is no moral norms, no “good” countries” nor “bad countries”, no “tyrants” and no “freedom” – there are interests, that’s all. How do you explain that “every media reported..” means that the single corporation that owns all of the Western media had ordered to publish this same news report? If you want to find out what happened (that is if anything really happened – which is very often not the case) – you must read the other side, read Chinese media coverage, read Russian, Syrian, Indian, – and then consider the interests do your own investigation, and then you’ll know maybe 10% of the real facts. This is such a world-view change that I don’t even want to attempt. I don’t want to see the tears in his eyes when he realizes that everything he believed in for 60 years is a lie.

It is surprising how little very educated men over 50 with access to Internet and library know about geopolitics. I consider a good introduction to geopolitics to be this book (link to amazon.com for USA):

(link to amazon.ca for Canada):

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