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I was happy to learn that our local technology professionals (IT, web, engineers) got together and formed an action group. The topics include how to improve the local technology.

From a historical point of view, we are are currently at a turning point when era of ego-centrism is moving on to the era of community. The timeline of humanity goes through three stages:

Era Zero (potential) -> then Era One (ego-centrism or animal priorities) -> Era Two (human priorities)

Today we are right in between: we are in transition from Era One to Era Two. Era Zero is the baby stage of humanity and era of potential: what path would we choose? We have chosen the path of technology. Era One is akin to teenage years: independence is important here, we needed achievements, needed to feel that we are capable to live on our own. Era Two is humanity’s adulthood: where we no longer question our abilities and capable of taking in our ancestor’s knowledge without being blind followers. We combine our achievements with that of our ancestors and become finally creators.

We are now facing a situation when old ways no longer work. We now feel the dead end. And technology is one of the reasons for the changes of the Eras because it brought about the following changes:

Local Ontario organic & responsibly raised meats

Ontario organic meat deliveryMike from Dragonfly Farm just dropped off my order. On one hand, it is quite nice to live close to farms, stop by to pick your own berries and veggies, on the other hand, it is just as easy for Torontians to enjoy the same quality of produce by shopping online, Dragonfly Farm online store is where you can find a nice selection of meats, and they keep on adding to their list. For example, they’ve got (all raised responsibly as a farm rule):

  • grass-fed lamb
  • grass-fed beef
  • grass-fed bison
  • pastured pork
  • free run chicken
  • other free run poultry and eggs
  • plus meat products pepperettes, sausages, gourmet/deli meats


Sustainable living tour in Durham – Nov 19 2016

Sustainable Living Tour and Conversation

Saturday, November 19, 2016,

8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Riverstone Retreat – Durham

Join us for a day long gathering featuring…

Tour and Talk about Riverstone Retreat with our hosts Ernie and Edith (Clay Cob EcoNest and Play House;

Visit the Raciot property in Desboro –

Stack Wall Construction; Green Roof; Solar PV System

Learn about clay and straw construction from expert Joshua Thornton

Natural Build.ca

EcoVillage Presentation with Brenda Dolling from WholeVillage.ca

For full program details please visit www.gbsusnet.com

Registration Deadline November 11th

Cost – $20.00, Lunch Included

To register simply email randall@wightman.ca with your name, phone # and your stated commitment to attend and bring your $20 with you. Trust.



Thanks to Bruce Power for their support of this event.

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