Cat adventures

Our new cat started getting first victories catching rodents. Way to go, Pushkin! Before moving out of the city I thought it might be boring to live out in a country. This is totally and absolutely wrong! Just look at this guy for example. He is a small cat that every night ventures out into the darkness and there are crows, vulturs, owls, coyotes out there, other cats – it is life-and-death every time. For him, this is very, extremely exciting. That is a life of a cat.

For us, there is so much in the garden to plan, to do, to imaging and to create – it’s unbelievable. And that’s just one area of life. But the same goes for business: will we survive? Same for social life: will we make friends or enemies? Whichever it is in a small town we are stuck with these people. That’s a life of a human.

Pushkin the cat
Pushkin the cat

How to plant in clay soil

I’ve got basically clay instead of soil. What I was doing before is on the first image. They killed the seedling almost every time. On the second image is what I am doing now: removing the grass, and then just piling a heap of soil right on top of clay – the tree or bush then does all the rest of the work and the roots of the tree do not rot.
planting a tree planting in a heap

Sustainable living tour in Durham – Nov 19 2016

Sustainable Living Tour and Conversation

Saturday, November 19, 2016,

8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Riverstone Retreat – Durham

Join us for a day long gathering featuring…

Tour and Talk about Riverstone Retreat with our hosts Ernie and Edith (Clay Cob EcoNest and Play House;

Visit the Raciot property in Desboro –

Stack Wall Construction; Green Roof; Solar PV System

Learn about clay and straw construction from expert Joshua Thornton


EcoVillage Presentation with Brenda Dolling from

For full program details please visit

Registration Deadline November 11th

Cost – $20.00, Lunch Included

To register simply email with your name, phone # and your stated commitment to attend and bring your $20 with you. Trust.


Thanks to Bruce Power for their support of this event.

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