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Find Your Skill or Hobby

This is a guide to help your choose a skill or a hobby. There is a fine line between art, craft, skills and hobbies and rather than attempting defining these terms I would split these activities in two broad categories: skill required for survival/sustainable life and all other activities people mostly do for interest. Note that some or all of these activities can be made into passion and passion into business/source of income.

This article would be of interest to:
1. People looking to choose a hobby or engage yourselves in art creation
2. People who want to make their lifestyle mote sustainable
3. People who enjoy DIY projects and hand-made items
4. People who had lost interest in life. You can browse though the skills and hobbies and hopefully find something that you would enjoy, thus opening your heart and learning to listen to your soul.

On various psychological seminars of self-development as well as on sessions helping those who want to find a job they would be interested in, people are told to do the following:
1. Write your qualities
2. Write activities that you enjoy doing
3. Write your strengths and skills

List of Different Types of Skills

– Woodcraft, carpentry
– Metalcraft, blacksmith
– Gardening
– Animal breeding, insects, birds, bees
– Construction, home building, handyman
– Kindergarten, school, education
– Trades, skills for business, restaurant and other businesses
– Website development
– Camping, hiking, survival skills
– Cooking
– Martial Arts, Self-defence, Rifle/gun
– Book of kin

List of Different Types of Hobbies

Chess board table

Chess board table

– Collecting Antiques, Art Collecting / Collectibles, Coins, stamps,
– Genealogy
– Magic and Optical Illusions

Art and Craft
– Write: a book, a newsletter, a blog, a newspaper!
– Reading
– Dance, Music, Singing
– Beadwork, clay/pottery, origami, embroidery, handcrafted jewelry, Knitting, Leather Craft, Quilting, Sewing, Stained Glass
– Candle making
– Design, Programming, Computer games creation
– Photography, film making
– Floral arrangements, design
– Sand Sculpting and Sand Crafts

– Astrology, astronomy, taro, numerology
– Nature study, bird watching
– Biology, anthropology
– Electronics, Radios, magnets, electricity, physics, chemistry, math
– Riddles making and solving

– Diving / Snorkeling, Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, Kitesurfing/Kiteboarding, Whitewater Rafting
– Skiing, snowboarding, and other one-person sports
– Fishing, hunting
– Horse Riding
– Ice Skating, Hockey, Soccer, football, team and one on one games
– Rock and Mountain Climbing

You can read about each skill or hobby here: