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The parable of the three buddies

Once upon a time there lived three buddies named Jackson, William, and Peter.

As teenagers they all shared a common problem of being restricted in candy consumption. Jack proposed that the source of the problem is patriarchy embodied by Bill’s father. That didn’t seem obvious to Bill at first, but with time, Bill unwillingly started to notice that there are many restrictions to his freedoms that came from his parents practising patriarchy: he had to be home by 10pm, he was dictated to eat greens, and he was practically forced to do sports.

At one point Bill was so angry at his father that he went and killed him as was suggested by Jack. Pete instead went to his father and negotiated the amount of candy he was allowed to eat. After that Bill moved to live under a bridge (after Jack took some of the items he needed from it, Bill’s house was taken by the bank because there was no father to pay for mortgage). Bill now eats scraps from Jack’s lunches and fights patriarchy or people Jack does not like in the name of freedom and the fight with patriarchy.

Jack explains Bill’s sufferings by the fact that there is still too much patriarchy in the world that we must free ourselves from. Bill is so deep into it now and is so proud that he can’t admit to himself he was wrong and believes Jack. When Pete suggests that there could be an agenda behind Jack’s words Bill dismisses it as “conspiracy theory”. Eventually Bill is sought after by the police and Jack kills him (nobody cares about him anyway as Bill has no parents) because he does not want to police to find out who is behind Bill’s actions.

Typically there would be a morale to a parable but author does not know whether people can be liberated from the patriarchy completely as Bill’s path ended before he could kill all fathers. This story also does not tell us whether there exists another way to become free as Jack’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm after police’s interest switched over to making peace by dehumanizing one side of the conflict, healing people by administering them various substances, and freeing people from bullying by promoting sexual deviations. The success rating of his endeavours seem to fluctuate depending on whether he met a Bill or a Pete, and Jack claims that the statistics are definitely in too early a stage to be published.

P.S. The investigation into the matter can’t be called completely unfruitful. So far author found a strange relationship: the more Bills – the more Jacks, the more Petes – the less Jacks there are.