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How to stop spreading hatred

This article is dedicated to Anne Finlay-Stewart who is an editor of a local newspaper, beautiful and well-meaning person whose about every 10th post happens to be a hatred-post that is directed against one or another group of people thus polarizing people into two opposing groups. Anne, this is not personal, but let me know if you don’t want your name in here and I’ll remove it.

The Money Masters polarize people into “left” and “right”, “confederates” or “republicans” and “democrats”, “black” and “white”, polarize by race, religion, social class. The technique is old, simple but nonetheless still effective:

  1. they first remove and hide important information without which people can’t agree on a particular subject matter.
  2. they create two seemingly opposite groups of people.
  3. they pump up hatred by spreading hatred posts in social media and hatred news in mass media.
  4. just before the start hatred posts start to depict the “opposite” group as inhuman, less than human to remove mental blocks to kill.
  5. when the time comes to remove a certain politician or to gain control of a natural resource or country they unleash the hatred and direct two groups of people against each other and use their hands to meet their current needs. Usually some sort of provocation is used for example snipers kill some people on both sides of the conflict or some sort of brutality is committed by Money Masters which they blame one of the groups for.

This very technique is used in every “orange” revolution, and the “peaceful protests” in USA is no exception. The rest is simple tactics: pallets of bricks are provided for throwing, students are paid to come out to the streets to make it seem like “everyone” is protesting, organizers are hired to direct the masses, professionals are hired to attack and destroy, pamphlets with instructions are distributed, food and water and shelter provided. People come out thinking that they are doing a good thing but in the end they are used by the Money Masters and things get worse than before they started. There wasn’t a single rich person who ever suffered during this type exercise unless of course this is the very person against which the whole thing started. They’ve even used the same symbol – the fist – as a flag for this type of event. The more people kill other people the better the result to them and it does not matter which group “wins” because in either case the power still belongs to the same hands. Yes, Trump took some effective measures to minimize the damage such as deploying anti-sniper teams and of course his team had done a brilliant job in the media deescalating the conflict and directing the blame to the very people that started this.
Note that history is the first target for removal. That is why it is no coincidence that during every war books are burned, historical artifacts are destroyed or hidden in private collections. Same happened in Syria with artifact destroyed by ISIS, same is happening in USA – statues must be demolished as history is the piece of the puzzle that allows people to understand each other. Without history or with fake history we are bound to fight each other as puppets on Money Masters’ hands.

Let’s take USA as an example and try to see what information each group is missing that blocks them from understanding the point of view of the opposing side. The first group, let’s call it “democrats” for simplicity are not aware that the “USA Civil War” between North and South follows the same 1,2,3,4,5 step pattern and is simply a war for money, not related to slavery as claimed. Much was done to hide the fact and history re-writing is still going on as we can see from the “statue downfall” in USA. Many black soldiers were unlisted and fought for the South, the Southern states started their reforms that allowed African-Americans to become free, get jobs, houses and land. More on that can be found on the Internet if you look outside Wikipedia owned and managed by the Money Masters. The goal was to create the Central Bank, the Central Bank was later taken to new heights dominating the whole world when they have finally created the Federal Reserve after sinking the opposing bankers in Titanic.

The conservative group, let’s call it the “confederates” seem to be missing the point that there would be no money, no jobs, no world domination, no army, no guns, no ability to live with such a level of individualism if it were not for the Money Masters sucking the natural resources, money, and human brains from the rest of the world into America. The Money Masters now decided to abandon USA and move elsewhere. That means this is the end of the inflow of money. USA now must learn to live sustainably or it will fall below the third-world country level into the animal state of Mad Max situation with a bunch of gangs fights each other and no infrastructure, no manufacturing. The confederates call protesters “commies” as if social justice is something bad. Well, after the WWII and minus 30 million citizens (every third person was killed in Russia) Stalin can be excused for providing free education, free apartments, free medical care, utilities cost the price of an ice-cream. Back then, many “freedoms” (or what you think are freedoms) were limited. In the current situation there is no need to go “communist” as was done during Stalin. But some restrictions will benefit so we can work together as a society and survive without the free inflow of wealth from colonies. You read that right, USA is wealthy not because Americans are so hard-working or so law-obedient, this is a by-product of serving as a tool for economic and military colonization of the world. So somewhere in between communism and current situation with boundary-less consumption lies our future.

Let’s take another look at this statue. This guy – is us, the people, the broken swastika under his feet – is hatred and feeling of superiority, and this girl in our hands is our future. The future is fragile and will only exist if we stop the hatred posts and reposts. If we stop being manipulated into polarized groups (these groups only exist in our minds). If we stop believing the media lies and research our history thus returning the missing piece of the puzzle they won’t be able to use us to reach their goals.

What’s a hatred post and how to determine if it is? The warning signs are sarcasm, humor at someone’s expense, and the sure sign is if a post or an article is making an opponent or a group of people look ridiculous, stupid, anything less than being human, or questions their mental health (see step 4 in preparing for bloodshed they need to remove the blocks to kill).

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