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Local Technology

I was happy to learn that our local technology professionals (IT, web, engineers) got together and formed an action group. The topics include how to improve the local technology.

From a historical point of view, we are are currently at a turning point when era of ego-centrism is moving on to the era of community. The timeline of humanity goes through three stages:

Era Zero (potential) -> then Era One (ego-centrism or animal priorities) -> Era Two (human priorities)

Today we are right in between: we are in transition from Era One to Era Two. Era Zero is the baby stage of humanity and era of potential: what path would we choose? We have chosen the path of technology. Era One is akin to teenage years: independence is important here, we needed achievements, needed to feel that we are capable to live on our own. Era Two is humanity’s adulthood: where we no longer question our abilities and capable of taking in our ancestor’s knowledge without being blind followers. We combine our achievements with that of our ancestors and become finally creators.

We are now facing a situation when old ways no longer work. We now feel the dead end. And technology is one of the reasons for the changes of the Eras because it brought about the following changes:

Era Zero (no technology) -> Era One (slow changes in technology and information ownership by a small group of people) -> Era Two (rapid changes in technology leads to wide information availability)

Era One is the Era of pyramidal control of a small group of people (1% of people – the “elite”) at the top who control 99% of the population at the bottom of the pyramid. The only way this could have been done is through information ownership – meaning the “elite” was hiding the information (how to govern, the fact that people are controlled) that allowed a near full control of the population.

With the Era Two comes the access of information and change in governance. I notice groups of elders chatting regularly at the cafes. Make governance their topic of discussion and it could be as easy as that to transition to Era Two governance.