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Looking for volunteers for permaculture gardening

Rock Garden

Beautiful Rock Garden ©

This Spring we will be creating several gardening projects on our property based on permaculture principles. Some of the ideas that we have are:

  • Sepp Holzer raised beds
  • Three Sisters – native Americans system where three different plants supply each other with needed nutrients thus helping each other grow.
  • A Rock Garden.
  • Flower Watch Garden – where different flowers blossom at different time of day.
  • Healing Labyrinth – ancient garden path design that is claimed to have a healing effect.

This project will ideally be part of a larger project of building up biodiversity and resilience of Meaford municipality, while at the same time attracting tourists and strengthening local economy.

We will announce the planting dates and volunteer details in our combined newsletter with Green Garden Earth project. But the idea is to provide an opportunity to work on the parts of the project that you want to learn and get the practical skills that you need. Participants will get news updates with photos of the garden progress and will be invited to a celebration in Fall 2012. That way we can become more connected, build a team, and enjoy the results of our efforts in vegetable plants!