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On politics. Say no to #comicpolitics

corporatocracyDon’t get too serious when talking about politics. Don’t get emotional. Don’t get excited. It’s all a big show and what they want is you getting excited. If they can get you to get excited in one way and somebody else in another way and then clash you together – that’s even better because that causes even more excitement. The more emotions – the better. Think of media as of suckers or vampires that feed on your emotions.

The best and easiest to cause emotions are anger, fear, envy, pity, guilt. That’s why you people on social networks share “news” about how bad a certain politician is – because that gets them excited. “Pray for USA” they would comment, “oh my god”, “this is horrible”, “they lied to us”. Well, this is old news because I can google within 10 seconds far worse articles on ANY other politician except maybe Muammar Gaddafi and people like him who disobeyed and had to be removed in urgency without the usual media campaign telling you how “bad” he was.

You know all about the media campaigns of course. That’s when puppets’ masters get people’s support on bombing. Well, 60% of people’s support. That’s what it takes – get 60% of people to support bombing Iraq and you can go ahead. They know how many people watch a TV channel, they know how many read a newspaper and a social network profile, then they figure out how many times a “bad tyrant” mantra has to appear on which channel.

Who are the puppets then? Let’s get those pink glasses off for a minute and see how the world works (nothing to get excited about though). Puppets are the people we know including presidents and prime ministers. Masters are the people in control of politics, education, health care, media, banks, pharma/food, weapons, cars, electronics, oil (as well as drug, slave, prostitution, guns trafficking). People hardly ever go and research a post’s topic before reposting it. Of course, you didn’t ever went to search for company’s shareholders. So I’ll give you a start. Select top 10 companies from each category that I’ve mentioned above and check their shareholders. You’ll find there are about 10 companies that have over 50% of every company. Then check the shareholders of each of those 10. You’ll see that they… own each other. So if let’s say there is one family that owns each of those companies, then we get 10 families that own… everything. I mean everything. It could be 100 families or 300 – it does not really make any difference, does it? Let’s go.

Here are the companies that I found to appear just about everywhere:
JP Morgan,
State Street,
Goldman Sachs,
City Group.

For example, links to sites that display shareholders (german):
and there are more sources for that. Keep in mind that German sources disclose more information but some information remains hidden anyway. Good luck finding the real owners of those corporations.

So my advice is keep calm, research. Remove posts from your timeline that aim to get your emotions. Ask yourself questions “who posted this originally?”, “what was the reason for posting this?”, “does this information make me happy or angry?”, “what’s in it for me?”, “who does it turn me against?”.

It’s easy to post hatred posts because there is so much compromising information on every “leader”, but keep in mind that they only let that kind of people on top for which is easy to get the compromising info.

P.S.  Real life is not like comics, there is no “bad” or “good” politicians. There are interests and abilities. We are watching a grand show called “politics”. If we go on stage and forget that this is only a play we get used by clowns that supposed to entertain us. Say no to #compicpolitics